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College Bowl Pool!

You choose the Bowl games you want to include in your pool!

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Click on the reduced images below to view the actual forms and pages.

Easy to Use Entry
Leaderboard Style
Entries Listing
Picks Form

What your visitors get:

  • Easy-to-use entry form with full error checking which will not allow submittal of an incorrect, incomplete or duplicate name entry.
  • One-click access to view all current entries in the pool.
  • One-click access to view the latest results of the pool.
  • One-click access to view up to date standings in leaderboard format.
  • One-click access to view each individual entrant's picks.
  • Allows entries to be submitted right up to game time.

What you get:

  • A customized pool with your unique name or logo and banners.
  • Complete hosting so you don't waste any of your valuable disk space or bandwidth.
  • A complete list of the email addresses of all those who entered the pool.
  • Disk space for up to 250 entries at NO additional charge.
Full Automation!
  • Allows you to pick which of the 32 Bowl games you want to include in your pool.
  • Automatically disables the submission of entries as soon as the first game included in your pool begins.
  • Automatically updates the standings as soon as a result of a game is entered.
  • Allows you the choice of using point spreads or just choosing winners.
Easy to Use Update Forms
  • All forms are password protected.
  • To enter the results you simply check the radio button next to the winning team and hit the submit button and the pool website is instantly updated.
  • To enter point spreads you simply fill in the text box for each game with the point spread and click submit and the entry form is automatically updated with the spreads.
  • The edit tool allows you to easily view, edit and delete any entry in your pool.

Try The Pool!

The links below connect to a fully functional sample of the actual BCS College Bowl Pool.
Feel free to submit as many picks as you like and click around to the different pages. You may also try the update forms to see how easy they are to use and how they instantly update the content your visitors will see.

While touring the pool and update forms please note:
Unlike the customized pool that will be set up for you, anyone taking this tour will have access to the sample update forms. Therefore, if you submit changes to any of the update forms and someone else submits changes after you, the latest submit will overwrite any changes you made and the website pool pages will reflect the changes that were submitted last.

Click the links below and HAVE FUN!!!

Try the Entry Form Try the Update Forms

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